November 15, 2014


A band from Ventura, CA matched up as a trio (Cory Soto // guitar & vox) (Izzy Morones // drums) (Emilio Morones // bass). The sounds these guys put out live are insane! It's like what you hope to see energy wise at a live show, this was their first, about a month ago and they blew the roof off the place. (black & whites shot on ISO 3200 35mm film).  Check out their only recorded song as of now, Magenta Rain

October 21, 2014

Scarlet on deck

 This is probably the worst photo of Scarlett Johannson i could find,, and she's still hot of course. 
And this is probably the worst drawing i could have done as well,, but its fitting with the haggard 6'1" thruster.. which i plan on taking out once theres some more meat to the surffffff + GROTE examination through 3-D + a quiver of now.

October 20, 2014

this kid shreds the cement!!

 Few months ago I filmed one afternoon at Ojai skatepark this kid CASH that I had been seeing slay the cement pool there over the past couple years... he's only 10 years old and the kid is flying around like it's nothin. Made this quick edit with Hendrix on the mind. go skate with him, he's there literally every freakn afternoon. 


July 2, 2014

Ojai bowl sessions + parking lot speed bump.

 Myself and 2 of my closest friends just moved into a warehouse in Ventura as a creative space and office for all our different works we do. We got tired finally after about a week of moving in and building so we jumped in Rooney the van and sessioned the bowl up in Ojai, which we do a few times a week it seems.. love this tiled out cement heaven of a pool! Polaroids by: Myself & Dylan Gordon.

April 8, 2014

I know there's an answer

Simply, the Beach Boys song "I know there's an answer" is my all time favorite song and i wanted it tattooed for a long time.  This is my buddy Davis that I grew up skating and surfing with in TX.  Such a nice, rad dude, and has been in the tattoo scene there for since I can always remember.  Decided I'd add it to my small collection while I was visiting this past winter.  i love that song and i think it explains alot with people and life at times.

March 5, 2014

February 11, 2014

DOUBT APLOMB album review on American Pancake!

I'm so grateful to be playing and creating music with some of my best friends, and to start playing live again is going to be great! If you haven't taken the time to hear our newest album, "Earnest Goodbye", have a listen.  I'm not just telling you to listen to it because it's the band I'm with, but I truly believe it's good music. 
Here's a link to the album:  DOUBT APLOMB "Earnest Goodbye"

We will be performing our first show in 5 months this coming weekend at Bombay here in Ventura, CA on Sat. the 15th around 9 or 10PM.. come say hi and hear the album live...  here's a practice session from a few weeks ago. 

DEEPAKALYPSE... out there making it happen

I just came across these 35mm scans i took probably a year ago at this bar in Ventura called Bombay, I remember my band played a show right before or right after Deepak, the dude is so freaking under rated in my opinion, I recently moved back to Ventura and ran into him at my storage unit, he was selling his traveling truck / van thing and was heading out to play some shows in NY, Costa Rica, and Louisiana maybe... ??? Anyways, where ever he is, the audience is in for a real treat. 

January 28, 2014

full moon logging

 In water, high ISO screwing around. Dylan Gordon + an unknown doing some nose riding log gliding through the cove at C-street here in Ventura during the full moon a few weeks back. Grainy Grainy Grainy.